Day By Day

Aris & Edi

Take notes while you’re listening to this song.

Aris & Edi are such a refreshing hip-hop duo. Hailing from Romania, they make music that is filled with astute lyricism, outstanding flows, and very intricate instrumentals. Though they are growing at a rapid pace, I highly recommend that you listen to Aris & Edi’s previous records, including “Too Hard,” “I Got Me,” and “Confessions” (You can check out their full catalog HERE). The duo’s most recent hit is the hella smooth “Day By Day.”

In “Day By Day,” Aris & Edi talk about reaching greatness and tell us why the road to success involves making a lot of tough decisions. What I absolutely love about the song is the production. It merges drill elements with jazzy elements masterfully. I also rock with the way Aris and Edi slyly spit their bars, hitting us with flows that are smoother than butter. Overall, nothing sounds forced or stressed in “Day By Day.”

Give Aris & Edi’s fantastic “Day By Day” a shot below.

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