Richie Buz shows out in “Enigma.”





I want to hear “SOMD” at an all-black pool party in Texas as soon as tomorrow.

“SOMD” is the kind of banger that is moving the needle in hip-hop these days. First and foremost, the track boasts this smooth, uptempo Southern beat that will get a day party poppin’. Richie Buz approaches the beat exactly how I would want him to: With great slyness and hectic flows. As for lyrically, I absolutely love how he talks about his unique come-up and what he sees as both productive and non-productive in his life. All in all, “SOMD” is the definition of a meaningful club banger (Which they simply don’t make anymore).



2. New King

Opening up this EP with “New King” is a great chess move by Richie Buz.

There’s nothing like listening to a confident rapper spit bars. Throughout the years, hip-hop fans have gravitated towards artists that say s**t with their chest; in “New King,” Richie Buz does just that. Over hard-hitting/soulful production, he blesses us with high-powered bars that highlight the love he gets from his city, his lofty ambitions, and his clean soul. I am a fan of how Richie plows through the song having the beat on a leash, proving kings can never be sped up.



1. Knowledge (Ft. Elliott)

Hip-hop in its purest form.

If you have a hip-hop soul, “Knowledge” will warm it up. In the song, which is powered by this soul-clenching beat, Richie Buz and Elliott use crafty rap styles to speak about fake people, what stiffened up their hearts, and the importance of finding the perfect queen. While Elliott does a good job of coming across as raw and secure, I f**k with Richie’s wordplay and dynamic flows. All in all, I think “Knowledge” is the one for Richie.


1. New King (4/5)

2. SOMD (4/5)

3. Knowledge (4/5)




While very short, Enigma is a great listen. Throughout the project, Richie Buz showcases his versatility, gifting us with a boom-bap hit, a slick club hit, and a triumphant hit. He also combines constructive bars with what I think are modern hip-hop vibes. All in all, I just feel this project shows that Richie has a love for hip-hop that is hella refreshing to hear.

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