ION NEED & Karma

Big Boss Vette

Big Boss Vette refuses to be turned down.

If you are an avid clubgoer, you’ve heard a Big Boss Vette song before. S**t, even though I’m a grown-ass man, I found myself singing her “Pretty Girls Walk” hit in the club just a few days ago. Recently, BBV returned to the music scene with a brand new single called “ION NEED.” I’m pretty sure you will hear it in clubs, too.

Do you know what I like about Big Boss Vette’s music? It booms but also boasts some empowering messages. Like, in “Pretty Girls Walk,” she mainly talks about being prideful about your looks. In “ION NEED,” BBV encourages women not to sweat men that don’t value who they are. Her aggressive rap deliveries combined with her blunt and honest lyrics will definitely catch your attention. I think you will also rock with the piano-driven, bass-booming beat.

Big Boss Vette also dropped another single that I think you should check out called “Karma.” In it, once again, she flows well and lets men know that it will take a lot to handle her. I think the song is also another potential club banger.

Give “Ion Need” and “Karma” a shot below.