Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is back to having fun.

Can you believe that it has been fourteen years since Kid Cudi dropped his debut album, The Man On The Mood: The End Of Day? S**t, if it wasn’t for that project, I wouldn’t have made it through college. Miraculously, Cudi has managed to have a pretty solid career since then. What I love is that he has never lost his free-spirited ways. Today, Cudi returned to the music scene with a festive new single called “PORSCHE TOPLESS.”


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“PORSCHE TOPLESS” is powered by very exuberant production by BNYX. The good news is this: Cudi meets the production at the rim with high-energy vocals and slick-ass raps. As for lyrically, throughout the song, he talks about celebrating life and having a car that pulls badder chicks than Flavor Flav. Yes, Cudi is still the man.

Do I love this song? No. Do I love chicken wraps? Absolutely. This song ain’t got s**t on chicken wraps, bro.