Toosii shines in his debut album “NAUJOUR.”





Honestly, I think Toosii’s best bag might be the one he displays in this song.

“FWLM” features a very confident version of Toosii. In the song, which is powered by slow-burning production courtesy of Hitmaka, he asks his girl if she’s ever seen a dude like him; one that can upgrade her and put it down. I rock with the way Toosii slyly lays his words down throughout, doing everything he can to get a smile out of his chick. All in all, I think this can be your go-to bedroom track.



4. Pull Up (Ft. 21 Savage)

21 Savage brings out the savage in Toosii.

“Pull Up” is easily the meanest, the hardest, and the trillest banger on this album. Though you get infectious melodic raps out of Toosii in the song, they are delivered in a way that feels cold. As for lyrically, he leaves all that lovey-dovey s**t at home and instead talks about having sticks in his car and pulling cards.

21 Savage fits “Pull Up” like a glove. In his lone verse in the song, he talks about shooting folks and having a cold heart. The raw style of rapping that 21 relies on merges with the borderline terrifying beat well.

Both of these artists can make a song like this in their sleep.


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3. Another Love Song

I don’t know about y’all, but I never get tired of love songs. Actually, I take it back, I don’t want to hear any more Bow Wow love songs.

So, is “Another Love Song” another love song? Not quite. In it, Toosii actually complains about being done wrong by his woman. Throughout the track, I love how the North Carolina singer pours his heart out in a way that feels just as touching as it does calculated. You can tell he had this song tucked in his stash for when his woman finally started to look for her own apartment to live in.

“Another Love Song” has a very catchy chorus, smooth vibes, and one of those moving instrumentals that Rod Wave would close his eyes to.



2. Love Is…

Toosii gets very deep in “Love Is…”

In “Love Is,” Toosii speaks on the power struggle that goes on when you love someone as much as he loves his chick. What I like about the track is how raw his vocals sound throughout, complementing the moody production. As for lyrically, it’s almost breathtaking how introspective Toosii’s words come across. Wow, I got chills listening to this s**t.



1. Favorite Song

Toosii likes “Favorite Song” so much, he put three different versions of the song on this album.

“Favorite Song” is one of those emotional tracks that carefully straddles the line between country music and hip-hop music. As for lyrically, in the song, which samples Tatiana Manaois’ “You Might As Well” hit, Toosii talks about being a great support system and willing lover to someone that is special to him. By the time you listen to the track two or three times in a row (Like I did), it will get stuck in your head right next to your Netflix password.

This will go down as one of the most impressive tracks of the year.


1. Rule Number 1 (3.5/5)

2. This Is Love (3/5)

3. Another Love Song (4/5)

4. FWLM (4/5)

5. Rich Ridin (3/5)

6. Villians & Heroes (3/5)

7. Favorite Song (with Khalid) [Remix] (4/5)

8. Sinking (4/5)

9. Interlude (Ft. Wallo267) (N/A)

10. Only Me (4/5)

11. Take Care (3.5/5)

12. Go Go Go (3.5/5)

13. Pull Up (Ft. 21 Savage) (4/5)

14. Woo Lady (3.5/5)

15. Love Is… (5/5)

16. Favorite Song (5/5)

17. Will Be King (4/5)

18. God Loves Me (4/5)

19. Favorite Song (Ft. Future) (4/5)


(C) (76%)


For years, I’ve been saying Toosii has next. I think he’s versatile as hell and refreshingly wears his heart on his sleeve. In NAJOUR, his debut album, Toosii does what he does best for nineteen tracks.

Recently, Toosii went on tour with Rod Wave. I can tell that the Florida rapper has had a major impact on him because a good chunk of the tracks on NAJOUR sounds like some s**t Wave would make. Throughout the album, you get emotional storytelling, introspective lyrics, and very raw emotions. You also get touching production that elevates all of Toosii’s passionate vocal performances. The good news is this: Our hero adds his own flair to the melodies he delivers and drops lyrics that definitely feel true to who he is, where he came from, and what he has going on today.

I’m not going to lie, I love the songs on this album that don’t sound like they were influenced by Rod Wave’s sound. Like, “Love Is…” made me shiver with how deep it sounds, and I really enjoyed hearing Toosii talk his s**t with 21 Savage on “Pull Up.” Overall, I feel like he gave us the perfect blend of gritty, passionate, and sappy on NAJOUR.

This album should’ve gotten a B out of me, but there were a few things I just didn’t love. For instance, I didn’t love the fact that there are three different versions of “Favorite Song” on the project (It’s even more bizarre that Toosii placed the remix to the song higher than the original in the tracklisting). I also feel like the album’s audio quality is not great. With that being said, NAJOUR is just the beginning for Toosii, and that makes me very excited.

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