A song for those running out of patience.

If you are simply a fan of good music, I highly recommend you check out CLOUDxCITY’s catalog. The duo, consisting of Enjel (Singer, songwriter, and producer) and TAS (Producer, DJ, and Songwriter), are pros at making infectious, powerful, and commercial-ready songs. Though they are known for writing for others, like Eminem, Megan Thee Stallion, Selena Gomez, and more, their own s**t is pretty damn good. Some of CLOUDxCITY’s biggest hits are “Queen of Mean,” “Maybe You’re The Reason,” and “Better Than Me.” You can find their full catalog on Spotify. CLOUDxCITY’s latest single is “Stalling.”

Have you ever dealt with someone that plays more games than an MLB team? Well, if you have, you will connect with “Stalling.” In the song, Enjel lets his gamer know that he is getting tired of their procrastinating and hesitating. Even though his vocal performance feels both angsty and emotional, the production we get is vibrant, bright, and full of highs. If you are Enjel’s partner, here’s my advice to you: Hurry up and get your s**t together because there are way more fish in the club!

Give “Stalling” by CLOUDxCITY a shot below.