Janelle Monáe sounds freer than ever in “The Age of Pleasure”




5. Water Slide

They might have to power wash the water slide that Janelle Monáe was just on (It sounds like some freaky s**t happened on it)…

I just love the pace at which “Water Slide” moves. It’s like the song has this slow-burning tempo that makes the melodies, sensual lyrics, and hypnotizing vocals that Janelle Monáe blesses us with really soak in. This is definitely a flavorful bedroom banger.



4. Champagne Shit

Janelle Monáe is on her “Champagne Shit.”

So, what does being on your “Champagne Shit” mean? Well, based on Janelle Monáe’s lyrics in this song, it means negroes are winning! In her verses, she talks about the money she’s about to make, the boobs she’s about to show, and the women she’s about to smash. What I love is how Janelle sounds bossed up for 85% of the song, almost coming across like someone who has big nuts and no worries.

I just like what “Champagne Shit” symbolizes. It’s a must-add to this list.


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3. Know Better

“Know Better” can easily be considered the best track on this album.

The best thing about “Know Better” is probably the instrumentation. It boasts bombastic jazz elements, a great rhythm, and is very soothing. The song also features an enjoyably slippery hook by Janelle Monaé, sly romantic verses by Janelle, and what I think is an absolutely intoxicating verse by CKay. All in all, “Know Better” is magically put together.



2. Float (Ft. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80)

Janelle Monáe definitely floats in “Float” (I’m such an amazing writer).

You get an aggressive Janelle Monáe in “Float.” Throughout the song, which is powered by this booming hip-hop beat that will slap the hell out of your weak-ass speaker system, she spits confident/braggadocios bars about being on top of her game and reaching a level of success that her competition has yet to reach. She also confirms that she is bi. While you mainly get aggressive rap deliveries out of Janelle, she does bless us with a melodic hook that is highly infectious. All in all, “Float” is a motivational banger that will go hard in clubs.



1. Lipstick Lover

If you give me a mojito, a beach backdrop, some chicken wings, and this track, I may never complain again.

“Lipstick Lover” is literally perfect for the summer. The song boasts a soothing reggae beat that clashes perfectly with Janelle Monáe’s high-pitched vocals and spicily-romantic lyrics (Holy s**t, who bought the magical broom that knocked her off her feet?). All in all, “Lipstick Lover” is catchy, infectious, and sexy as hell.


1. Float (Ft. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80) (4.5/5)

2. Champagne Shit (4/5)

3. Black Sugar Beach (N/A)

4. Phenomenal (4/5)

5. Haute (4/5)

6. Ooh La La (N/A)

7. Lipstick Lover (4.5/5)

8. The Rush (4/5)

9. The French 75 (N/A)

10. Water Slide (4.5/5)

11. Know Better (4.5/5)

12. Paid In Pleasure (4/5)

13. Only Have Eyes 42 (4/5)

14. A Dry Red (3.5/5)


(B) (83%)


Janelle Monáe clearly went on vacation and doesn’t want to come back. I don’t blame her.

At a certain point, it gets exhausting listening to music that talks about smoking on such and such pack, scamming people, and flossing til the cows come home. Music like the one that we get in The Age of Pleasure will provide your ears with a good cleanse. In the album, Janelle Monáe talks about sex, love, and success in a way that is both refreshing and pure. Not only does she dabble in bombastic instrumentals that combine island vibes with jazzy components that would make Fela Kuti proud, but she uses hard-hitting rap bars as a luxury and succulent vocal performances as the main entré. Every moment of this album will remind you why the best vacations are the ones that are full of pleasure and that you don’t want to leave.

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