Not Well


Zaydo’s bars are sick.

Zaydo is a talented singer, rapper, and songwriter from one of my favorite cities in America, San Francisco, California. What you will love about Zaydo is that he usually drops music with strong lyrics and deliveries. I also think that he has an ear for music that is refreshing. It makes perfect sense that Zaydo’s main influences are Andre 3000, Michael Jackson, and Kanye West. Recently, he dropped a brand new album called IN THE WIND. One of the best songs from it is “Not Well.”

“Not Well” is powered by this relaxing beat that has a bit of a boom to it. Over it, Zaydo hits us with bars that highlight his hunger for success and competitive mindset. He also mentions that he is on medicine, which can mean several things. Throughout his verses, I like how Zaydo fearlessly shifts gears, switching between feverish flows and infectious melodic raps. As for the hook he blesses us with, it’s as intoxicating as it gets.

Give Zaydo’s very impressive “Not Well” a shot below.