Dawson Bailey

A dance tune for your heart.

Scranton, Pennsylvania-based musical creative, Dawson Bailey, is a recording artist who loves the various sounds EDM can bring. With plenty of passion for the genre, each of Bailey’s ear-pleasing creations showcases the variety of this unique sound. His techniques vary from atmospheric and lonely to pop-filled. Some of Bailey’s previous releases include songs like “one for the night,” “two faced,” “stormy,” and, most recently, “informal.” All of these songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Now, the artist has come forth with a new hit to love: “overtime.”

Infectiously, “overtime” refuses to let us go, much like actual overtime at work. At the same time, it’s romantic enough to keep roping us in. Lyrics like “Why did you have to go take control out of me” and “Days go on with nothing, gotta hear me some good news, Tell me to get lost, but I’m not something you could lose” offer up an emotional reminisce about trying to make a relationship work. Where else can you put in that extra work except with the person you love the most? Bailey gifts us with a bittersweet dance tune that’ll have you grooving along to its angsty tale of love. It is beyond the love you think it’s capable of. So, press play and crank up the volume to get through all of that “overtime” you’re putting in.