Rally 4 Reality channels their inner Boondocks in “Woodcrest EP.”




3. Huey

You get very deep bars in “Huey.”

If you are familiar with Huey from The Boondocks, you know that he’s a free thinker that is all about social justice. In “Huey,” S.I.N. and Tru Thoughts pay homage to him by dropping bars that might go over your head like a halo.

Over this spellbinding beat, S.I.N. and Tru Thought talk about being manipulated by hunters and having to put up with a system that isn’t entirely set up for black men to succeed. I’m not going to lie, the grungy and focused approach they use for their verses definitely struck a chord with me.



2. Riley

I’m picking Rally 4 Reality in Royal Rumble 2023.

If you are familiar with Riley from The Boondocks, you know that he’s a hothead that isn’t afraid to throw hands or call it how it is. In “Riley,” that’s how both S.I.N. & Tru Thoughts come across. Throughout the song, which is powered by this sly/action-packed beat, the two rappers hit us with bars that highlight their quick tempers, unique senses of humor, and willingness to do s**t all by their lonesome.

I just love how S.I.N. and Tru Thoughts plow through their verses hitting us with tons of aggression and tongue-twisting flows. It definitely sets the tone for everything else on the project.



1. Jebediah

“Jebediah” is pure hip-hop at its finest.

In “Jebediah,” S.I.N. and Tru Thoughts pay homage to John Witherspoon’s character from The Boondocks, Robert Jebediah Freeman. While the first verse mainly talks about elevating your surroundings, the second verse talks about picking the minds of family members we’ve lost. I just love how personal this song sounds as a whole.

I absolutely love the hard-hitting, nostalgic beat that we get in “Jebediah.” I also rock with the catchy hook, the hazy vibes, and the laid-back rap deliveries.


1. Riley (4/5)

2. Huey (4/5)

3. Jebediah (4.5/5)




The Boondocks is an iconic show that is aging very well, especially considering the turbulent times that we are living in today. With this EP, Rally 4 Reality pays homage to the show in the most authentic way possible.

Though short, Woodcrest EP gets the job done when it comes to sounding like some organic hip-hop s**t. The three-track project boasts old-school, hard-hitting beats, next-level rap flows, and lyrical content that is intricate, unapologetic, and rebellious. As a black man, after I got finished listening to it, I remembered how important it is to let your true thoughts bloom whenever you get a chance.

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