The Weeknd & Suzanna Son

Another new episode, another new single.

So, many people are complaining about The Weeknd’s new television series, The Idol. Folks say the show is creepy, vulgar, and somewhat bizarre. The good news is this: For every single episode that has been released, we’ve been gifted with a brand new song. For episode 2, we got “Family” with Suzanna Son.


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“Family” is powered by stripped-down production that is meant to make you dramatically fall to the ground like LeBron James did when he didn’t get a foul call against the Celtics earlier this year. For the most part, Suzanna Son does the heavy lifting for the song by gifting us with a vocal performance that has its highs and lows. Content-wise, she hits us with lyrics that explain why her blood family made it difficult for her to trust anyone. You might f**k around and have chills listening to Suzanna sing.

The Weeknd plays Suzanna Son’s support in “Family.” He starts off backing her up with some adlibs but eventually takes over the song. The Weeknd’s part feels slightly manipulative.

Man, The Weeknd plays spooky characters really well…