How Do I Love You?


Pop and love go hand in hand.

MIIA is a singer-songwriter who always aims to be authentic in her music. She also has plenty of appreciation for her listeners. MIIA notes that she’s “eternally grateful” for long-time and recent fans of her songs. When it comes to her unique creations, MIIA also says, “I hope my music will keep on helping you find the comfort and courage you need to shine your own light.” Some of her previous work includes songs like “Skin of a Fool” and “Oxide.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. MIIA’s debut EP is expected to release soon. For now, though, her latest drop is the pop single “How Do I Love You?”

High-energy and happy to question everything, this track certainly doesn’t hold back in how it feels about that SO. “How Do I Love You?” is heartfelt, and while parts of it may be taken in jest, the love language overall is adoring. Lyrics like “Always try to catch your light, Always reach so high and never do” and “A language never spoken, nеver heard, But still I understand your еvery word” offer a gorgeously crafted exploration of love and connection. The electrifying backdrop is so much more pleasant in ensuring we feel that connection for ourselves. So, press play on MIIA’s new single to experience the breathtaking emotions that come when you ask “How Do I Love You?”