narcissistic brain


Looking out for number one.

Viennese musical creative, PAENDA, is a producer, musician, and singer. Since 2016, the artist has been hard at work perfecting her unique sound. This sound continued to transform from its underground indie beginnings into mainstream electronic pop. After releasing her debut single back in late 2017, the singer’s career took off. In 2018, PAENDA was the opening act for Jessie J, in addition to performing at various music festivals like Donauinselfestival. Later in 2019, the musician gained international notoriety after she competed for Austria in the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) in Tel Aviv. Her discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. PAENDA’s latest drop is the pop single “narcissistic brain,” which is featured on the singer’s upcoming album, CALL ME CAT. Her new tune also has an accompanying official music video.

It’s almost lo-fi, but not quite. This song is soft enough of a pop hit to make its point sharp to contrast its gentle nature. It reflects exactly what it says: Our dear artist’s narcissism. Lyrics like “I know the words you wanna hear so it appears like you are dear to me, You’re just a step along the way” and “I can pretend that I like who you are, If I know doing it will get me far” offers a humourous take on giving into the desire to focus solely on your own needs. What are the benefits of being self-centered? Let her tell you in depth. So, press play on PAENDA’s new single “narcissistic brain” below.