Presidential Rolex

Key Glock

It’s a damn shame that I have never reviewed a Key Glock album.

Amid tragedy, Key Glock has excelled. Since Young Dolph’s passing about a year and a half ago, Glock has released some of his best music. To me, that’s f**king commendable. Today, the Memphis rapper returned to the music scene with a brand new single called “Presidential Rolex.”


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Key Glock is a beast at picking beats. The beat that powers “Presidential Rolex” (Which was produced by Tay Keith) is as good as it gets. Over it, Key Glock does a good job of coming across as motivational, reckless, and violent lyrically. As for the flow that he raps with, it is as consistent as Nikola Jokic. In my opinion, this banger keeps Glock’s winning streak going.

I’m guessing that we might get a deluxe version of Glockoma 2 really soon. I will probably review the project.