Finn Foxell Runs From "TYSON"


Finn Foxell

A genre-bending song that defines a generation.

Finn Foxell is a West-London musician with a creative mind derived from his mix of influences. His father (A songwriter), mother (A performer), and brother were all heavily involved in the Grime scene. Foxell grew up listening to bands like The Clash and Sex Pistols and thus began writing his own lyrics at 8. Using music as an emotional outlet, he’s been able to amass an audience of people who like hearing him toy with different sounds. His impressive and controversial discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Finn Foxell’s latest release is the hit single “TYSON.” The song also has an official music video.

While this may not be his most dynamic piece, it will definitely get you up out of your seat. On “TYSON,” he takes on a fiery punk attitude that surprisingly blends well with the production’s elements of hip-hop and DnB. The song, like its accompanying music video, feels like you’re on a neverending run through the city streets. Where are you running to? What are you running from? Only Foxell can say. It’s adrenaline heavy with its snarly drums and riot style of singing. He voices the concerns of his generation in a way that brings others together instead of alienating them. He’s done an excellent job making an exciting tune to mosh and rebel to. So, stream Finn Foxell’s new single to hear what “TYSON” can say to you.