Juice WRLD & Cordae

This is the freshest Juice WRLD release in a long-ass time.

I think AI is scary as f**k. Because of it, I question everything I see and hear these days. With that being said, I expect a bunch of AI-inspired songs from fallen artists to hit streaming services soon. The good news is this: There’s nothing AI-inspired about “Doomsday.” After you watch the video below, you will know why I am confident in saying that.


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Let me immediately get this sentiment out of the way: “Doomsday” is f**king awesome. In the track, which is produced by Eminem’s classic “Role Model” beat (Which was created by Dr. Dre and Melly Mel), Juice WRLD and Cordae go back and forth on some random, reckless, competitive, and braggadocios s**t. The tongue-twisting flows they f**k with are Eminem-Esque, and their punchlines straddle the line between comical and clever. If you are a true hip-hop fan, you will f**k with this joint a lot.

Give “Doomsday” a shot below.