Katmando & Miynt

An indie fusion with infectious elements.

Katmando is a multi-talented artist from Sweden. What makes her unique is that her style revolves around fusion hits and various genre inputs. Some of the artist’s previous releases include tracks like “Chou Chou,” “Lama Vibe,” and “Shortcuts.” Most recently, Katmando teamed up with Swedish artist Miynt. Together, they created the indie single “Gravitation.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

Ambient tones, haunting instrumentals, and infectious dance beats make this a fusion hit to remember. “Gravitation” is unique and emotional, preferring to explore the seemingly random thoughts that often cross our minds. In truth, of course, there’s an underlying story to it all. Lyrics like “Twenty-two miles from me, falling from the sky, Drop or a fantasy, Pretty little lies” and “Take me to a place where we can grow, Maybe I will love you when I’m older” are delivered with soft and sultry vocals. At the same time, they hint towards a summertime love that may or may not actually be love. Is it possible that this could be something more? Of course. But will it become so? We’ll just have to see. So, press play to groove the night away to Katmando and Miynt’s “Gravitation.”