Lily Moore

Pop fits this fleeting summertime love.

London-based musical creative, Lily Moore, is a singer and songwriter who came back from the bad to make the good. Back in 2020, the artist was unsure about her future in the music industry due to previous negative experiences. Still, Moore’s decision to give her work “one last shot” led to the artist becoming “one of the UK’s most enthralling, soulful voices.” Through her music, the singer examines relatable topics by sharing her own experience with things like “misguided attempts to win the affections of uninterested boys.” Moore’s latest drop is the EP Before I Change My Mind, Again… This EP, and more songs, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Lily Moore’s latest hit is “Summer.” The indie pop tune is also accompanied by an official music video.

No, this isn’t quite like Olaf’s summer love song. Its reflective and soul-stirring elements make me emotional in the first few lines. “Summer” may seem vibrant, but it’s written with heartbreak in mind. The sadness strikes me the same way it strikes Moore. Lyrics like “Didn’t realise, You thought that we’d survive, We were only meant to last for the Summer” and “I’m not saying I never cared but, We were out of time” are bittersweet reflections on a fleeting summertime romance. It’s nostalgic and striking enough to make this sad song mean something to anybody who listens. So, press play on Lily Moore’s new single to experience the ache of temporary romance this “Summer.”