No Lime Required

Doppe & Kokke

EDM in the summertime, baby!

Doppe & Kokke is a creative duo that will keep you grooving all night long. Since emerging from their native country, Sweden, the deep house and future house artists have offered “uplifting, striking, daring, and melodious music” that appeals to many listeners. The pair’s unique sound features “effervescent rhythms, catchy hooks, magnetic soundscapes, and soothing energy.” Doppe & Kokke’s incredible hits are sure to make a profound impact on their fans. In fact, they already have. Their impressive music catalog is on Spotify, YouTube, and their own website. Doppe & Kokke’s latest drop is the EDM single “No Lime Required.” The song also has accompanying visuals.

Lush, tropical-tinted blends of immersive synths make this a summertime hit to the max. “No Lime Required” provides a sweet, sun-soaked sound and title to give everyone a lovely drink without overpowering flavor. At the same time, it’s meant to be a love song for those who need it. Lyrics like “Someone to make me feel alive, a shot of tequila no lime required” and “Wake up with a grin, Now I know you love, Now I know you love me, With you by my side, life is more than spicy” offer up a passionate tale of romance. This sandy-shored paradise is just waiting for everyone to step onto the beach and give their hearts out to the sea.

Press play on Doppe & Kokke’s new single “No Lime Required” below.