Bad For Me (Fletcher Kirkman Remix)

Fletcher Kirkman & Tiana Rosie

Hot and heavy is the way to go this season.

Fletcher Kirkman is a DJ and producer who wants to dance the night away. At the same time, he hopes you’ll be grooving with him. Kirkman’s dedication to his art is admirable. The artist has been a notable addition to Australia’s Gold Coast club scene for five years. Additionally, he holds residences across the metropolitan region’s famous nightclubs, bars, and colleges. Kirkman’s mixes and mashups have earned over 100k plays on SoundCloud and more than half a million streams on Spotify. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. More recently, Kirkman teamed up with Australian singer and songwriter Tiana Rosie. Rosie is a pop artist known for her “paradoxical – melodic, almost folk-like” sound. Together, Fletcher Kirkman and Tiana Rosie created “Bad For Me (Fletcher Kirkman Remix).”

“Bad For Me,” as self-detrimental as the title sounds, is actually meant to be a love song. Lyrics like “I can feel I’m gravitating right back to your arms, Keep pulling me in, Your touch should be a sin” and “Oh lord, what possibly inspired you, To pour me poison of my own” are delivered with sensual yet sweet vocals. Punchy dance beats are nothing easy to mix in with something that’s meant to be romantic, but it’s done perfectly. Kirkman and Rosie are supposed to make music together, especially songs that will rock you in the summer heat. So let the magic of “Bad For Me (Fletcher Kirkman Remix)” sweep you off your feet.