Legaxy shows tons of vulnerability in this smooth banger.

Legaxy is someone I would call a “Best of Both Worlds” artist. He was born in Florida and raised in South Carolina, so he has some Southern flair to him, but at the same time, he was also raised in New York City, so he definitely has some East Coast vibes in him. The good news is this: You can hear how the places Legaxy has been have impacted his music. In 2018, our hero dropped an album called LXY. one of the best songs from it is “NUMB.”

In “NUMB,” Legaxy lets the world know how hard it is to let go of someone who knows how to pull strings more than Gepetto. What I love about the song, which is powered by this soft, uptempo, and hypnotizing beat, is how Legaxy efficiently bounces off the walls throughout, hitting us with a few gritty raps here and there while also blessing us with highly infectious melodies. Overall, this s**t is a vibe.

Give “NUMB” a shot below.