R&B music that will lift your spirits!

UK-based musical creative, CHERISE, is is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter who loves putting her heart and soul into everything she writes. This talented artist has been called “one of the women raising the bar for soul and jazz in the UK” by Clash magazine. CHERISE has collaborated with artists like Steam Down, Rueban James, Omar, and Nubiyan Twist. Over the summer, the singer will perform at the Cross the Tracks festival and UK’s Love Supreme and Elbajazz festival in Hamburg. CHERISE’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her latest drop is the R&B single “Calling.”

“Calling” provides a delightful, feel-good soundscape for uplifting nostalgia. Lyrics like “Sounds like the racing plane flying overhead / Tastes like my Grandma’s food / Soul is well fed” and “Slaps like the domino in my Grandad’s game / Though times will move me on / Those memories won’t change” reflect on the importance of being home. There’s plenty of beauty in connecting with family again, so the messages here can’t be understated. So, press play and let the positive vibes of “Calling” wrap you in its warm embrace.