siix sense and R03 Admit "I Know I'll Find A Better Way To Do This"

I Know I’ll Find A Better Way To Do This

siix sense

This dark electronic song will keep you up.

Emerging from Wicklow, Ireland, siix sense is a talented 23-year-old artist who defies genre boundaries. He fearlessly mixes and combines different sounds to create a sonic palette that resonates with his artistic vision. You can explore his impressive discography on Spotify. Joining him from Wicklow is R03, a rising 19-year-old producer known for crafting heavy-hitting beats layered with analog synths. R03 is a frequent collaborator and producer on siix sense’s tracks, contributing to their captivating soundscapes. Together, they have released notable tracks like “lie to me,” “nightfall/my zone,” and the collaborative album, Loveback. Their latest offering is the single “I Know I’ll Find a Better Way to Do This.”

This song serves as a powerful energy booster, blending elements of pop and electronic music. The pristine production is complemented by siix sense’s captivating vocals, forging a deep connection with the listeners. It exudes boldness and emotional intensity as siix reflects on his past mistakes in relationships, formulating a plan for redemption. Simultaneously, it serves as a call to action, reminding us not to repeat the same detrimental patterns in our own lives. This track should be on your playlist for late-night drives, offering a cathartic soundtrack to navigate the complexities of life. So, make sure to stream siix sense and R03’s new single when you find yourself saying, “I Know I’ll Find a Better Way to Do This.”