Who You Know?

Jay Zayat

Jay Zayat has just made the ultimate theme song.

Jay Zayat is an EDMer turned rapper. While that may scare people who consider themselves to be rap enthusiasts, don’t worry, Zayat can rap his ass off. In the myriad of singles I’ve heard from him, such as “EIGHTIES,” “Cold, Icy,” and “shame,” he shines by hitting us with steady flows, thought-provoking lyrics, and excellent beats. You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Zayat’s latest single is “Who You Know?”

This might just be my favorite Jay Zayat track to date. In “Who You Know?,” Zayat lets the world know that no one is doing it as big as him. In other words, he’s copping better looking chicks, more money, and faster cars than us mere mortals. Personally, what I love about the song is the numb but booming beat and how Jay plows through it with great flows and confidence that cannot be denied. You know what they say, right? If you can’t beat them, listen to them!

Give “Who You Know?” by Jay Zayat a shot below.