ICU (Remix)

Coco Jones & Justin Timberlake

Damn, Justin Timberlake still sings?

Coco Jones is the next big thing in music. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say that she’s the next big thing in media as a whole. Not only is the former Disney star one of the main characters in the critically-acclaimed series Bel Air, but she’s also slowly becoming an R&B plug. If you have ears and pay your light bill, you’ve probably heard Coco’s “ICU” track before. This past Friday, a remix to it with Justin Timberlake hit streaming services.


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Coco Jones done got Justin Timberlake out of retirement! In “ICU,” the talented former N’Sync member demonstrates his R&B prowess, engaging in a harmonious duet with Coco that exudes an abundance of love and affection. His vocals are remarkably pure, delightful, and captivating, blending seamlessly with the overall tone of the track. The chemistry between him and Coco is evident, making them the perfect match for this enchanting collaboration.

Janet Jackson fans will start forgiving Justin after hearing him in this song.