Sam Haveson

Pop with the power of love inside!

Sam Haveson is a San Francisco-based singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and product leader eager to share her music with the world. Sam’s distinctive sound gives listeners plenty of ear-pleasing elements to get immersed in. Her discography is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and her website. Sam Haveson’s latest drop is the pop single “Dreaming,” which is the first release off her upcoming debut EP.

Sia’s “Chandelier” is undoubtedly familiar to all of us, and now get ready to soar with “Dreaming” in a similar fashion. This track exudes the same intense energy, making you feel like you can fly the moment the beat drops. The heart-touching lyrics, such as “You’re the notes to my melodies, my harmonies and sounds” and “Coming up for air, I’m swimming in your pool of love, My anchor in this sea of life, I still can’t get enough,” create a magical sense of passion. If you’ve yearned for romance on sandy shores, this song will fulfill that dream, even if you’ve never experienced it before. It’s an epic and wonderful journey, where you might feel like taking off and flying. So, press play on Sam Haveson’s “Dreaming” and let the words whisk you off to paradise.