This is Love


A Nostalgic indie pop gem with dreamy disco vibes in full force.

Southern California-based musical team, JUICYPEAR, is “the serotonin-packed, sonic lovechild of Jacob & Jasmine Mayeda.” Together, this husband and wife band has teamed up to offer their listeners “shimmering power-pop.” They aim to provide “an essential dose of levity & bliss to weary souls worldwide.” The twosome’s 2020 debut single “Golden Sky” earned them plenty of attention thanks to TV placements on NBC, MTV, and the CW. Since then, the band has released “a slow-but-steady stream of infectious singles.” The pair’s upcoming, self-titled, full-length project is expected to be released this fall. Their music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of JUICYPEAR’s recent drops is the indie pop single “This is Love.” 

“This is Love” provides the perfect dreamy, slow-dance-ready soundscape for anything romantic. Lyrics like “Follow the magic, In your eyes I see a world of wonder, Love is magnetic, The only way for us to move is closer” and “I’m feeling dizzy, Every time you come around me, Let love shine, Your essence is calming” offer up plenty of sweet and sensual declarations of love. At the same time, it has just enough of everything to show that we are not, nor are we ever, limited in love. With a wonderfully uplifting backdrop and some old-school disco vibes, this is a dazzling indie pop gem that is a charming and trippy delight. So, press play below to experience the timeless magic of “This is Love.”