Feelings Hurt

Slim, Ice Berg

This s**t is cold!

Slim, Ice Berg is one cool artist. Not only do I say that because of his name, but also, throughout the years, he’s gifted us with some fantastic artwork and dope-ass raps. In 2022, Ice Berg released a project called The Cream Playlist. One of the best tracks from it is “Feelings Hurt.”

“Feelings Hurt” is powered by one of the best beats I’ve heard this year. That s**t has tons of bass and a smooth but trill feel that is hard to ignore. Over it, Slim, Ice Berg uses a very laidback, cold style of rapping to talk about his approach to ending beef, harboring relationships, and making mula. More than anything, this song boasts some chill vibes.

Give “Feelings Hurt” a shot below.