Hold Onto Me

Emily at Best (Ft. Joshi)

An Alt-pop single that explores the magical feeling of falling in love.

Emily at Best is a multi-talented songwriter, singer, producer, engineer, and visual artist. In addition to possessing numerous incredible abilities, Emily is an artist who draws inspiration from her emotions. Hailing from Los Angeles, she began crafting songs at the tender age of ten, amidst a period of grief. This transformative experience made songwriting a potent outlet for healing. Adopting the moniker “Emily at Best,” she sought to highlight our collective pursuit of becoming the finest versions of ourselves. The singer aspires to assist others in navigating their unique healing journeys through her music. Her music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and her website. Emily at Best’s latest drop is the alt-pop single “Hold Onto Me,” which features producer Joshi.

Have you ever wanted to stand in a room and sing to your echoing reflection? That’s the image this tune provides for me. At the same time, though, it’s not about me; it’s about love and romance in this strange world. Lyrics like “Your touch is elegant, My pearls in your hands is a real nice fit” and “Got caught in the wave of emotions, Sea sick with enjoyment” tell a blissful tale of falling in love. To me, it feels like rich love that has found its home in the heart of this long-loving artist. Beyond the lyrics exuding a sense of elegance, this song has a wealth of emotions to delve into. It beautifully combines the feelings of yearning and confession. So, press play on Emily at Best’s latest single to let the one person who matters most “Hold Onto Me” like they’ll never let go.