Dancing On My Grave

Noah Pearce

A song that will help you overcome negative thoughts.

Noah Pearce is a 21-year-old trans singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The singer mentions that the narrative he conveys through his music is relatively straightforward. He’s “simply someone navigating life from the perspective of a transmasculine individual.” He further explains, “I’m just a guy trying to be authentic to himself.” Since emerging on the music scene, Pearce has garnered recognition from platforms such as Notion, The Line of Best Fit, and BBC Introducing. According to the artist, his latest single “revolves around the struggle against the persistent negative thoughts.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Noah Pearce’s latest drop is the indie pop single “Dancing On My Grave.” The song also has accompanying visuals.

While the song itself might seem sad based on its title, it’s actually much more uplifting than it initially appears. “Dancing On My Grave” delivers a buoyant musical backdrop that complements an inspiring message centered around overcoming internal challenges. Lyrics such as “I’ve been slipping through the cracks that reappear in my rearview, Oh, I lose my breath when I think of you” and “Drown out all the bitter voices, Focus on my own” find the artist reflecting on the harsh reality of contending with mental struggles. Pearce may be discussing a relatable subject, but each individual has their own unique ways of grappling with those challenges. So, hit play and allow the words of “Dancing On My Grave” to uplift your spirits.