Travis Scott (Ft. Bad Bunny & The Weeknd)

What’s the NBA equivalent to this song?

I said this on my podcast the other day: I believe that Travis Scott’s Utopia album is one of the most anticipated hip-hop releases of all time. When you combine the controversy he went through a couple of years ago with the top-secret approach he has been using to promote it, I firmly believe this project has the potential to halt the war between Ukraine and Russia (Like, at least put that s**t on the negotiating table). To further hype us up for Utopia, Travis Scott released a brand new single called “K-POP” with Bad Bunny & The Weeknd.


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Travis Scott said, “f**k the bandos; I’m going international with it!” “K-POP” boasts smooth, island production that will compel literally anyone on this planet to dance. Over it, Scott, Bad Bunny, and The Weeknd each deliver verses that promote carefree partying and sensual encounters. While Travis relies on his signature robotic sound, Bunny brings an excited tone, and The Weeknd offers a gentle yet intoxicating vibe. The combination of the three styles makes for one confusing but infectious listen.

How the f**k is this a Travis Scott song? (He clearly set up the studio for The Weeknd and Bad Bunny to record, then went home after lying about going to the bathroom for five minutes.)