Let’s Get Lost Tonight


A dreamy, disco-infused pop tune that’ll have you grooving the night away.

VALDIS is a 23-year-old singer and songwriter. Growing up in a small town in northern Iceland, the artist spent plenty of time listening to various music genres and “has been singing for as long as she remembers.” VALDIS first began releasing her work in early 2020. Since then, the artist’s songs have ended up on the official radio charts in Iceland and have been featured on various Official Spotify Editorial playlists. Some of her previous releases include tunes like “Piece Of You,” “story for you,” “Onto You,” and “Breathe.” VALDIS’s latest drop is the pop single “Let’s Get Lost Tonight.”

With a wonderfully dreamy blend of disco-infused dance beats, “Let’s Get Lost Tonight” offers a delightfully immersive backdrop to complement the tune’s captivating romantic reflection. Lyrics like “You’re driving me crazy, And you got me under your spell” and “Tell me your secrets, The ones you don’t usually tell, You know that I need you, And I want you all to myself” reflect on longing and the desire for an intimate connection. With plenty of passion-filled declarations and no shortage of feel-good vibes, VALDIS gifts us with an irresistible pop tune that’ll have you grooving the night away. So press play and get down on the dance floor with “Let’s Get Lost Tonight.”