Denzel Curry (Ft. ICECOLDBISHOP)

Do you know how much saliva was on the mic after Denzel and ZEL made this song?

It seems like Denzel Curry is in ass-kicking mode these days. Just a few weeks ago, he released a hard-hitting banger called “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ.” Today, he released an even harder song called “ICE COLD ZEL FREESTYLE.” 

To call “ICE COLD ZEL FREESTYLE” explosive would be an understatement. In the song, which is powered by booming production that will probably make your bedroom floor collapse if played through some big-ass speakers, Denzel Curry and ICECOLDBISHOP rely on ferocious deliveries and feverish flows to remind their enemies that they are ready for every single smoke out there (Including carbon monoxide). If I were to guess, the reason the two rappers sound so great together is because they both have rabies (That’s the only explanation that makes sense). 

Give “ICE COLD ZEL FREESTYLE” a shot below.