Lil Yachty

Welp, Lil Yachty is back to sounding ignant. 

Lil Yachty might have secured the album of the year title with Let’s Start Here. If you had mentioned this back in 2017, I would’ve respectfully slapped you. What really caught my attention about the album was the unexpected musical direction Yachty ventured into – it took on a sort of alternative rock vibe. Now, Yachty is making a comeback on the hip-hop scene with a pair of singles: “SLIDE” and “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY.” Below, I talk about the former.

In “SLIDE,” Lil Yachty talks about hitting ugly girls from the back, getting racks, and being different from his peers. He also talks about holding guns like babies. Throughout the song, which is powered by this booming, psychedelic beat, Yachty switches between sounding subdued, like an inexperienced singer, and aggressive. If I were to guess, he made the song while on the toilet (He literally sounds like he’s straining at a certain point).

Admit it, the rap game just doesn’t feel the same without Lil Yachty.