Rib Cage

Zoe Ko

An emotional pop gem that packs a serious punch.

Zoe Ko is a rising singer and songwriter from New York. With her music, the artist is “journaling her life through the emotive juxtaposition of upbeat & moody pop rock.” Zoe Ko’s unique style offers “vulnerable lyrics and infectious melodies” that “make her songs feel as intimate and electric as dancing alone in your room.” The singer is releasing various singles and has had no trouble “establishing herself as a prominent tastemaker in today’s modern lane of alt-pop.” Some of her previous releases include songs like “Lovesick in Public,” “Line,” and Fire Escape.” Zoe Ko’s latest drop is the pop single “Rib Cage.”

Starting with a low-key blend of instrumentals, the “Rib Cage” backdrop continuously builds, providing a sound that perfectly complements the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “I got a disease where I miss things that were, Never there, Unpack all my boxes to tape them up again in a year” and “I caught the homesick, So emotionally homeless, And I’m searching, Through your rib cage like a closet” reflect on the painful struggle that comes with experiencing instability. With powerfully passionate vocals and just the right amount of angst, Zoe Ko gifts us a heart-wrenching pop gem that packs a serious punch. So press play and get ready to heal your hardships with “Rib Cage.”