Suffer Better

Sani Knight

A hypnotic hip-hop single that offers a delightfully dark tale of seduction.

Sani Knight is a Los Angeles-based artist that is ready to “take the music world by storm with his unique blend of R&B, hip-hop, and pop sounds.” Sani Knight’s knack for experimenting has resonated with audiences across the nation. By steering away from “cookie-cutter pop and hip-hop sounds,” the artist has consistently earned recognition. Some of Sani Knight’s past releases include tracks like “Nocturnal,” “Dark Place,” and “Pink Floyd.” His latest creation is “Suffer Better.”

Infusing a captivating blend of moody tones and irresistible beats, “Suffer Better” crafts a hypnotic ambiance that seamlessly complements the track’s emotive and romantic introspection. Lines like “When it’s all said and done, Who are they to tell you that it’s wrong to be loved” and “I know that it hurts, Always putting someone else first, I can give you peace of mind, Let me show you what you deserve” illuminate the artist’s pursuit of capturing the attention of a special someone who has entranced him. Sani Knight delivers gentle, melodic vocals alongside a profusion of ardently expressed sentiments, presenting us with an enchanting hip-hop composition that weaves a beguilingly dark tale of allure. So, don’t hesitate, press that play button, and succumb to the allure of “Suffer Better.”