bigger thën everything


Oh s**t, a reflective Yeat track!

Can I be honest with you for a second? Okay, here I go: Yeat’s music sounds a lot more normal to me these days. When I first heard a couple of his songs, I legit felt old because I just didn’t connect with them. I have finally seen the light. Today, Yeat returned to the scene with a new single called “bigger thën everything.” In my opinion, it’s one of his most impressive efforts to date.

I hate to nitpick here, but in the title, Yeat should’ve used “than” and not “then.” Don’t let his grammar mishap fool you, though; the song is pretty damn good. In it, over piano-driven, touching, Kanye West-Esque production, the Portland native raps about his impressive come-up, how rich he’s become, and blocking the hate he gets from his opps. He also thanks his fans for rolling with him these past couple of years. Surprisingly, throughout, he sounds audible and somewhat tamed. 

Give “bigger thën everything” a shot below.