Fade Away


An R&B song that prompts introspection on the subject of love.

Emerging from Dallas, Texas, M’Lynn establishes herself as a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Her artistic journey commenced at the age of 15, a period when she found her artistic roots at Booker T. Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts. This nurturing environment allowed her to refine her skills while drawing inspiration from her exceptionally talented peers.

In 2018, she unveiled her inaugural EP titled Grounding, a project that unveiled her unadulterated songwriting prowess and showcased her skillfully trained vocals. The tracks “Just Take Time” and “Gave All My Love Away” from this EP have resonated globally, captivating audiences as far-reaching as the UK and France.

“Fade Away,” her latest release and third single of the year, encapsulates M’Lynn’s introspective musings. The fusion of Neo-soul and R&B in this composition creates an auditory experience that resonates deeply with both heart and mind. M’Lynn’s vocals, velvety and soothing, transport the listener to another realm entirely. The song’s production, distinguished by its captivating basslines and pulsating drums, crafts an entrancing rhythm that’s hard to resist.

Thematically, “Fade Away” explores the intricacies of navigating insincere relationships. M’Lynn questions the authenticity of her emotions, caught in the ambivalence of whether to persevere or depart. Lines such as “Are you really for me, do I want to play this game?” and “I want to love but I don’t know how” delve into the inner struggle she grapples with. The song concludes with an open-ended finale, leaving the listener with ample room for contemplation on matters of love and true sentiments.

For those seeking clarity within their own relationships, “Fade Away” serves as a melodious guide through the labyrinth of emotions.