The Island

Ebb & Nova

A track that will have you craving a trip to the tropics.

Emerging from Baltimore, Maryland, Ebb & Nova stands as an alternative music collective with a history spanning less than a decade. The ensemble’s inception took place in 2014, initially as a duo composed of songwriters Lauren Padgett lending her vocals and Matthew Purpora on guitar. Over time, their lineup expanded to encompass Steven Bainbridge on cello and Pat Brynes on percussion. Ebb & Nova’s artistic essence harmoniously weaves indie rock with Americana, culminating in a distinctive fusion of infectious melodies and diverse songwriting. Since unveiling their debut album in 2017, the band’s journey has propelled them onto illustrious stages at major festivals and provided them the opportunity to share the spotlight with renowned acts like Good Charlotte, Gin Blossoms, Lewis Watson, and O-Town. Their music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and their own website. Ebb & Nova’s upcoming indie tune, “The Island,” is set to release in early August.

“The Island” exudes an irresistibly feel-good fusion of uplifting instrumentals and inviting vocals, crafting an idyllic and sun-soaked auditory landscape that beckons listeners to sway along on a sandy beach. Can any experience match the euphoria of being by the ocean? The lyrics, such as “Waking with your feelings on, Baggage piled at my feet” and “Cause I’m higher than I was before I met you, Feeling lighter, I know I said goodbye, Just not to you,” paint a narrative of shedding burdens and embracing liberation. Infused with delightful dance-inflected elements and an air of carefree abandon, Ebb & Nova transports listeners to a paradise defined by sandy shores and boundless relaxation. So, allow “The Island” to sweep you away on an enchanting summer daydream.