Evil Girl

Jaxn Faw

An angsty, dark pop tune that explores the pain of heartbreak.

Jaxn Faw is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer. With plenty of passion for each and every one of his ear-pleasing creations, the artist’s music continues to show off his unique style. Some of the artist’s previous releases include songs like “ALL FOR NOTHING,” “5 DEGREES,” “Next to Me,” and “WAY IT WAS.” Most recently, Jaxn Faw released the pop single “Evil Girl” and its accompanying official video.

With an easygoing backdrop of melodic instrumentals, “Evil Girl” sets the perfect stage to complement the tune’s angsty exploration. Lyrics like “I think it’s ’bout time that we go both ways, It was all good but I guess you changed” and “It’s ’bout time that we lose all the attachments, Want love but it’s faded in the background” hear the artist offer an emotional farewell to his partner. With no shortage of aurally satisfying elements and a delightfully dark sense, Jaxn Faw gifts us a wonderfully moody breakup tune that explores the bitter side of heartbreak. So press play and hear the artist say goodbye to his “evil girl.”