F**k U Thought

Lil Durk

I asked this same question to Draymond Green when he stomped on Domantas Sabonis’ chest.

Lil Durk is prepping to release the deluxe version of his Almost Healed album from earlier this year. According to him, it might go harder than the original. Today, the first single from the project, “F**k U Thought,” hit streaming services.

Lil Durk sounds so gritty in “F**k U Thought,” he borderline sounds sick. Throughout the song, he denounces rats, backstabbers, and weak-ass rappers. What’s interesting is how specific he gets with his insults. Durk brings up detailed episodes and events (He’s definitely been keeping receipts).

This isn’t one of those Durk songs that are fun to listen to; he hits us with aggressive deliveries and a steady flow over this piano-driven trap beat. We’ll see if the rest of the Almost Healed deluxe version sounds like this…