Hellcat SRTs 2

Lil Durk (Ft. Sexyy Red)

Sexyy Red might be the most famous artist in hip-hop right now.

Any day now, Lil Durk will release the deluxe version of Almost Healed. According to him, it should be as long as an album. Though he’s been pretty quiet about the songs that will be on it, he did release “F*ck U Thought” in August and, today, “Hellcats SRTs 2” with Sexyy Red. Below, I will talk about the latter.

If you still like to go to clubs, you will understand why this song needs to be cherished. “Hellcats SRTs 2” is a certified club banger with a catchy, carefree hook courtesy of Sexyy Red, a confrontational, aggressive Lil Durk verse (I love how menacing he sounds in it. He also rides the beat pretty well), and what I think is a pretty stimulating verse by Red. All in all, this song is the definition of ratchet greatness.

Sexyy Red needs a her own sitcom.