Mick Jenkins puts up a near-flawless performance in “The Patience.”




5. Guapanese

Have you ever seen a black dude freestyle at an elegant dinner party? 

Yes, the beat that powers “Guapanese” is on some elegant dinner party s**t. Like, I can see it being played near the Hors D’oeuvres table. As for Mick Jenkins, he says, “f**k those Hors D’oeuvres!” Throughout the song, he uses a turbulent style of rapping to speak on the impact money has had on the brains of people who aren’t fully solid. He also brings up the many ways money can leave someone hanging. 

Do you know how this song was put together? Mick was invited to a dinner at Nobu, received a bottle of wine and a small-ass dinner plate, and proceeded to go on a drunken rant about all the rich people in the restaurant with him. Yes, that’s how it was created. 


4. Pasta 

This is the spiciest pasta you will ever taste in your life.

To say that Mick Jenkins goes off in “Pasta” would be a bigger understatement than calling Nicki Minaj curvy. You should’ve known he would go off like this as soon as you heard the beat. It’s powered by this instrumental that is part-time dramatic and part-time explosive. Like, as soon as it dropped, I hid under a table.

So, when I say Mick Jenkins went off, what do I mean? In the song, employing both a subdued and explosive approach, he delivers potent lyrics that suggest his penchant for exposing truths and dismantling his rivals. The man sounds so crazy, I am convinced he’s either off a perc, has a chemical imbalance, or just got slapped by a raccoon with rabies.



3. Smoke Break-Dance (Ft. JID)

Folks dance during smoke breaks (This is news to me)?

“Smoke Break Dance” is one chill rap track. In it, Mick Jenkins and JID take center stage, delivering their verses with a laidback energy that effortlessly rides over the jazzy backdrop provided by Stoic. Their intricate flows add a high-powered touch to the song’s overall vibe. On the lyrical front, the duo explores their reliance on cannabis to navigate through dark thoughts and sticky situations. Interestingly, while the track might initially seem to carry a more profound message, a closer examination of the lyrics reveals its primary homage to the almost magical effects of weed, playfully suggesting that it can fix just about anything.



2. Sitting Ducks (Ft. Benny The Butcher)

A Benny The Butcher feature after a Freddie Gibbs feature is interesting…

In “Sitting Ducks,” Mick Jenkins and Benny The Butcher showcase an undeniable synergy, akin to the unstoppable duo of Luka and Kyrie. Set against a dark and intense beat, the two rappers talk about wielding firearms larger than Victor Wembanyama, issuing warnings to snitches, demanding respect, and displaying readiness for any smoke, even the “Carbon Monoxide” kind. Mick exudes an almost sinister aura in his verse, while Benny maintains a cool demeanor. They say the cool ones are always the scary ones, so I wouldn’t quite relax when Benny’s part comes on…



1. Show & Tell (Ft. Freddie Gibbs)

This song made me say, “Why so serious?” in my Nikola Jokic voice.

“Show & Tell” is driven by a violin-infused beat that gives me The Godfather vibes. Interestingly, the track includes a verse from Freddie (Fredo) Gibbs. In it, he skillfully transitions between various flows and offers a reminder about the fine line that separates trustworthy individuals from those who can’t be relied upon. Meanwhile, Mick Jenkins takes on an aggressive and gritty rap style in his verse, discussing the aging of his money and expressing his readiness to sever ties with gossip-mongers. If I were Gunna, I would feel someway about this s**t.


1. Michelin Star (5/5)

2. Show & Tell (Ft. Freddie Gibbs) (5/5)

3. Sitting Ducks (Ft. Benny The Butcher) (5/5)

4. Smoke Break-Dance (4.5/5)

5. 007 (4.5/5)

6. 2004 (4/5)

7. ROY G. BIV (4/5)

8. Pasta (4.5/5)

9. Farm to Table (Ft. Vic Mensa) (4.5/5)

10. Guapanese (4/5)

11. Mop (4/5)




I really missed Jenkins.

It’s a shame that Mick Jenkins’ name rarely enters the conversation when discussing the best rappers in today’s game. Mick possesses an intellect and fervor that shine through his rapping, making every song he creates captivating. He delivers an exceptional performance in The Patience, which ironically carries a somewhat dull title.

The production on this album is simply outstanding. While scouring through The Patience, you’ll experience a compelling interplay between hard-hitting, impactful hip-hop and gentle, soothing beats. Regardless of the beat’s nature, Mick Jenkins emerges like a young Mike Tyson in the ring, demonstrating that emcees need not be confined by them.

Every featured artist on this album delivers an exceptional and competitive verse. If I had to guess, Mick must’ve welcomed them to the studio wearing a WWE championship belt.

Despite my admiration for the production, diverse rap styles, and remarkable features this album presents, the content resonates most deeply with me. Throughout The Patience, Mick Jenkins fearlessly addresses subjects like loyalty, love, desire, resilience, and more with striking unfiltered directness. He’s so candid at times that I questioned whether he was channeling the little devil perched on his left shoulder. Amidst a world where materialism and AI dominance vie for supremacy, it’s incredibly refreshing to encounter a body of work that champions genuine, authentic emotions.

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