Barely Holdin’ On

Polo G

Does anybody miss Polo G’s music as much as I do?

Listening to a new Polo G song is always a great experience. In my opinion, it’s impossible to overlook the pain and passion that he infuses into his raps. Also, Polo’s lyrics are usually refreshingly authentic and relatable. Today, the Chicago rapper released “Barely Holdin’ On,” one of his most powerful tracks to date (and that’s saying a lot considering that he has a lot of powerful songs in his discography).

“Barely Holdin’ On” delves into the weighty struggles Polo G has faced, recounting the challenges, confrontations, and losses he’s endured in recent years. The track hints at his battle with depression, shedding light on his emotional state. Departing from his usual gritty rap style, Polo opts for emotional and melodic deliveries that harmonize seamlessly with the poignant, piano-driven trap beat that underpins the song. Serving as a comeback track, “Barely Holdin’ On” undeniably makes a significant impact.

Give “Barely Holdin’ On” a shot below.