Wait A Little Longer

Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra has been releasing some very amazing tracks lately.

I have a hunch that a Snoh Aalegra album is on the horizon. There’s something in the air that makes me believe it. Also, she’s been treating her fans to fresh singles (“Be My Summer” and “Sweet Tea”) over the recent weeks. Just this past Friday, the talented singer released her newest single, “Wait A Little Longer.”

Only Michael, Stevie, and Sade can make something like “Wait A Little Longer.” In the song, Snoh relies on her softest vocals to talk about a love she’s willing to wait patiently for. She sounds like me willing to wait a long-ass time for the Jolloff rice in the microwave to heat up. 

Why not give Snoh Aalegra’s latest single, “Wait A Little Longer,” a spin below?