We didn’t do full reviews of these songs, but we did get a chance to hear them.

Luh Tyler Flow (Freestyle)

Luh Tyler 


How gangsta is it to drop a freestyle to a song named after you and the flow you are used to using? S**t, has that been done before?

Luh Tyler is one smooth-ass dude. In this song, he sounds like he was rapping while getting a head massage. As for his lyrics, it effortlessly tackles his love for reckless hoes, expensive chains, and money.

Like That

Stunna Girl (Ft. JT)



Stunna Girl and JT are like that.

JT adds strong flows and aggressive deliveries to this popular banger. She stands out in the song because Stunna Girl’s raps and the beat that powers the music are smoother than Gary Coleman’s hair.


Gambi (Ft. NLE Choppa)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)


NLE Choppa recently made a trip to France.

Really? A French rapper has a song called “Bonjour.” Come on now, that’s way too easy. Anywho, in the song, NLE Choppa tries his hand at French. Though he handles the hook work, Gambi, with his ferocious energy, does most of the heavy lifting.

Hot Box

Flo Milli



Flo Milli has been flipping remixes like your former high school friends are flipping burgers. Her latest flips Kelis’ “Milkshake” smash hit.  

I do not love what Flo Milli did here. Her raps sound a little too cartoonish for me. Nonetheless, I do rock with the fact she isn’t afraid to showcase her personality fully.


DD Osama (Ft. Luh Tyler)



Damn, Luh Tyler had himself a strong week.

This bass-booming banger is about running up bags and smashing chicks because you are running up bags. Luh Tyler’s peculiar flow and DD Osama’s bipolar rap approach stand out here.

Keep On Getting It

Real Boston Richey 



Real Boston Richey’s stock continues to rise.

“Keep On Getting It” is your typical Real Boston Richey banger: It has booming 808s and lyrics that revolve around some reckless s**t. RBR never sounds fully engaged in the song; instead, he hits us with shaky flows and a dingy tone that almost sounds playful. He got himself some nice-ass chains on the artwork, though.