Fridayy pours his heart out in this powerful debut album.




5. Church On Sunday

Of course, one of the best tracks on this album has Sunday in its name.

Fridayy should’ve added an extra ‘y’ to that Sunday to make the title even more impactful. Anywho, “Church On Sunday” is short but sweet. In the song, Fridayy talks about his impressive come-up and turbulent past. He also asks the LORD to watch over him. I love how raw and honest his lyrics sound. I also rock with the hard-hitting yet divine production that powers everything. All in all, this song really talked to me (And I talked to it back. I asked it, “When do the Jets play on Sunday?”). 



4. You 

Give me “You,” a chick that knows how to move her hips, and some Henny, and I will never complain again.

“You” is one of those uptempo R&B/Afrobeats fusion tracks that will make you shake your ass while singing passionately to your woman as you lock onto her eyes in the club, trying your hardest not to veer off and stare at the other big booty women that are only a few feet away from both of you.

Even though Fridayy’s vocals are as strong as it gets, I think Fireboy DML’s laidback approach to his verse fits the song just a little more. I believe when you’re trying to pay homage to your chick, you shouldn’t sound too emotional. This is the s**t that keeps getting ninjas from Love and Lockup in trouble.



3. Stand By Me

Name me a song called “Stand By Me” that isn’t powerful as hell (I’m willing to wait until 2055 for you to answer me). 

If you’ve fallen in love with Fridayy’s music already, it’s probably because you heard his songs like this one. “Stand By Me” is the definition of refreshing soul music. Not only does it feature profound lyrics that focus on self-improvement and the importance of support systems, but it also features stripped-down production that will have your heart in a headlock, some of Fridayy’s most vulnerable vocals (He sounds on the verge of tears throughout), and a choir that backs him up perfectly.   



2. Don’t Give It Away (Ft. Chris Brown)

It’s so crazy calling Chris Brown the veteran R&B singer that can teach Fridayy a thing or two about longevity. 

“Don’t Give It Away” is one of the few tracks I can see getting radio play on this album. It has a nice little tempo, some easy-to-digest melodies, and straightforward lyrics about holding on to someone who has an ocean on them. I love that Fridayy has his moments in the song where he sounds all grandiose and s**t but mainly toys with a laidback, loose sound. As for Chris Brown, he perfectly straddles the line between rapper and singer in his verse (Which is when I think he’s at his best).




1. When It Comes To You

If Fridayy runs with the sound featured in this song, he will have a spot in the Hall of Fame.

In “When It Comes To You,” Fridayy talks about doing everything he can to make his partner happy. This includes buying her whatever she wants, shooting whoever gets in her way, and ensuring he doesn’t waste her time. Based on Fridayy’s profound, mesmerizing vocals that grow increasingly potent as the song progresses, the simple yet emotional production, and the slight church vibes we get sprinkled throughout, I truly believe he is the ultimate Captain Save-a-chick.


1. Came Too Far (Ft. Maverick City Music & My Mom) (3.5/5)

2. Done For Me (Ft. Adekunle Gold) (3.5/5)

3. Stand By Me (5/5)

4. Heart On The Line (4/5)

5. When It Comes To You (5/5)

6. You (Ft. Fireboy DML) (4/5)

7. Don’t Give It Away (Ft. Chris Brown) (4.5/5)

8. DGIA (Pt. 2) (4/5)

9. 3AM In NY (4/5)

10. Carry You – Interlude (3.5/5)

11. Mercy (Ft. Byron Messia) (4/5)

12. Lost My Way (4.5/5)

13. Church On Sunday (4/5)

14. I Won – Outro (N/A)




To quickly summarize this album, it’s this: A blend of mighty vocal performances, heartfelt lyrics, captivating choirs, church elements, and a touch of commercial appeal. 

From the very first track, “Came Too Far,” you know you’re in for some dramatic s**t. The raw emotion and authenticity woven into every note create an immediate connection with the listener. The artist’s passionate and evocative vocals command attention while conveying the stories of triumph and love.

The album’s lyrical content delves deep into personal experiences and emotions. It offers an unfiltered perspective on the challenges faced when dealt bad cards while simultaneously celebrating the strength and determination it takes to rise above. Tracks like “Church On Sunday” and “Stand By Me” paint vivid pictures of struggle and aspiration, creating an emotional resonance that lingers.

What sets this album apart is the seamless integration of church music elements. Incorporating choirs and gospel-inspired harmonies infuse the album with spiritual elevation. These elements, combined with Fridayy’s heartfelt deliveries, transform each song into a fervent prayer for better days, healing, and love.

As the album progresses, the slight commercial vibes become evident, adding a modern touch without compromising its authenticity. Tracks like “You” and “Don’t Give It Away” perfectly balance heartfelt emotion and radio-friendly hooks, making them potential chart-toppers.

This album culminates as a celebration of resilience, a testament to the power of music to heal, inspire, and connect. It embodies the artist’s journey, inviting listeners to join in and find solace, hope, and joy in every note.

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