Doja Cat

Doja’s haters will punch the wall upon hearing this song.

Who in the world drank Doja Cat’s apple juice? This year, she’s treated us to three singles, and all of them are on some “f**k you and your mama” s**t. The silver lining here is that a feisty Doja Cat also means a rapping Doja Cat. In her latest single, “Demons,” she spits bars like she’s on the TDE roster.

Doja Cat playfully trolls individuals in “Demons.” Throughout the track, she flexes her wealth and fame, dismisses guys lacking in certain departments, and reminds us that she’s been shutting down naysayers long before The Dream and Drake did it. While the content is as juicy as an uncooked hot dog from a convenience store (pause), it’s the explosive beat and the various rap styles Doja effortlessly switches between that really pique my interest. At times, she sounds like Nicki Minaj, then channels Kendrick Lamar, and even takes on the persona of an irate teacher.

Doja Cat’s upcoming album is slowly but surely becoming the most anticipated album of the year. Will we get hard-hitting bangers like this one on it? Or will Doja expertly blend in R&B, pop, and hip-hop vibes on it as she’s always done? Find out next time on RGM!