Doja Cat

Doja Cat is on a helluva win streak (Literally).

How do you feel about Doja Cat relying on devilish images, song titles, and lyrics to promote her new self? Part of me thinks it’s genius (She has somehow become one of America’s most hated musicians), while another part of me thinks it’s hella risky (I wouldn’t want to link up with GOD’s opp in any scenario). With that being said, no one can argue with this: She’s dropped some fantastic singles as of late, such as “Demons,” “Paint The Town Red,” and “Attention.” Today, Doja Cat kept her sizzling hot win streak going with the release of  “Balut.”

Doja Cat is so much better than you rap peons! In “Balut,” she puts up a fantastic rap performance. Over this slick-ass beat that I can see your local pimp strutting to, Doja relies on this smooth, effortless tone and sturdy flow to call out copycats, to speak on all the money she has, and to brag about the lofty vacations that she takes. She never sounds sped up or like she can’t handle s**t, which makes her the Luka Doncic of this rap s**t.

I’ve been saying it for years: Doja Cat is the most talented artist in the game right now (And, yes, this s**t is a game to her).