August had some very good albums.

5. Yung Gravy & bbno$ – Baby Gravy 3

Baby Gravy 3 by Yung Gravy and bbno$ is a highly entertaining and humorous album. Though the two rappers’ lyrics often lean towards the goofy side (Which I am OK with), folks should not sleep on their swagger on the mic, clever punchlines, and animated deliveries. Also, I really f**k with the bombastic production we get throughout. This is definitely a great project to listen to.



4. REASON – Porches

REASON’s album Porches skillfully immerses listeners in his world of fast cars, fast women, fake friends, real friends, and unwavering aspirations for greatness. Although some may find certain parts of the album less engaging due to its chill production and relatively subdued rap tones, It will resonate with those who connect with his perspectives.



3. Victoria Monét – JAGUAR


JAGUAR II offers a nostalgic journey through the golden era of R&B with pure vocals, cleverly crafted lyrics, and rich, velvety production. There isn’t a single moment Victoria isn’t in command, and I think that’s impressive given how multilayered this album sounds.


2. Noname – Sundial

My prediction is that Noname will contend with Killer Mike for the title of ‘Hip-Hop Album of the Year’ this year, as her extraordinary performance on Sundial showcases multi-dimensional lyrics and persistent flows. Also, Noname’s willingness to tackle tough topics, like racism in America, results in an emotionally valuable album.



1. Mick Jenkins – The Patience

Mick Jenkins delivers an exceptional performance in The Patience. The album features outstanding production, great guest appearances, and top-notch rap performances. However, what truly sets this project apart is its candid exploration of subjects like loyalty, love, desire, and resilience, offering a refreshing contrast to a world often consumed by materialism and artificial intelligence. I just love the genuine and authentic emotions we get throughout the entire body of work.

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